For over 20 years now, Language Service has been the go-to destination for private and business translation needs. The company was established in 1998 as a translation agency mainly dedicated to the maritime sector. Initially specializing in maritime and legal translations, we have diversified our fields of expertise over time. In particular, we have acquired extensive expertise in technical, legal, contractual and sworn translations and are today trusted suppliers of important Italian and foreign companies.

Simultaneously we started to offer language courses and lessons in collaboration with training centers, public schools, universities and private companies both as direct suppliers and coordinators of courses offered by third-parties. Our language school has grown over the years and as of January 2017, the Language Team school is now fully developed and has detached itself from the parent company.

Since January 2017 therefore, Language Service has constantly dedicated itself to the translation industry. The company leverages its many strengths for the benefit of its clients. These strengths include its many years of experience and the special attention that it offers its clients, with whom we boast long lasting relationships. We are true European language experts, but thanks to our network of native speakers worldwide, we are able to provide language services to and from any language in the world.


Language Service is a state-of-the-art translation company that has been providing quality solutions to its customers for over twenty years. We aim to build lasting and profitable partnerships and relationships with our customers. Our strengths? Flexibility, accuracy, quality, and speed of service.



Language Service has adopted the UNI EN ISO 17100: 2015 standard of quality including provisions regarding translation service providers, and applies the Code of Conduct issued by Federlingue, the Italian Association of Language Service Providers of which it is a member. We adhere to the highest standards of quality for language service providers. Our work is backed up by our consolidated experience and constant research for innovation. The quality of our services allows us to establish lasting and continuous relationships with our customers. We work with more than 400 professional mother tongue linguists to ensure that we are able to cover nearly all languages ​​in the world.
Our quality translations are the result of our vast professional experience and dedication. Along with our dynamic and flexible structure, we are perfectly equipped to communicate your message the way you want.

  • codice-autodisciplina-federlingue-english-version.pdf Federlingue Code of Conduct (English)


The main strength of Language Service is its staff: a pool of qualified individuals with multidisciplinary experience, trained at the best institutions throughout all of Italy. Foreign partners, translators and proofreaders who are strictly native speakers, are carefully selected based on their respective areas of specialization. Projects are assigned to them based on this unique criterion. We always ensure that our deliverables are flawless and free from any errors.
We are constantly striving to enhance the skills, experience and interests of our partners. Precision and accuracy are as indispensable as is the ability to use one's imagination to make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent end product.


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Language Service has the human and technological resources to meet a wide variety of client requests. We offer scalable and customized solutions to deal with both large and small orders. With over 400 native speakers on our ever-expanding database, we have the resources to handle all your translating needs.


We are always looking for the most technologically advanced solutions to manage quality, reduce costs, and shorten delivery times. That is why we have always integrated only the most advanced CAT tools (eg SDL Trados Studio) into our workflow. We are always looking for the latest new translation technologies that can add value to our deliverables. We create customized glossaries and translation memories for each of our clients. These tools ensure terminology consistency not just for individual texts, but also in the long term. We constantly focus on creating value and fostering long-lasting relationships. 

Language Service is an SDL partner.


Respond to your translation, localization, or interpretation needs by providing a quality product, operating with respect, transparency and honesty vis-à-vis clients, external partners, our staff and the environment.


We believe that we can make a small but meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability. For example, we try to limit our environmental impact by reducing our paper consumption as far as possible. We print something only if it is absolutely necessary. We make sure that we limit traditional mail deliveries as far as possible.
By applying the concept of sustainability to our modus operandi, we also achieve sustainable relationships with our clients, suppliers and other partners. Positive synergies for all stakeholders. Our efficient and standardized project management lets you cut down time and cost and allows us to respond to your requests effectively without wasting time or money. To achieve this goal, we use advanced IT tools, developed specifically for translators and project managers, within an industry which becomes increasingly virtual, lean and collaborative. 

code of conduct

Language Service complies with the Code of Conduct issued by Federlingue, the Association of Italian Language Service Providers, of which we are proud to be a member.


During the Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Project from 2012 to 2014, we had a constant stream and often a large volume of documents that required translation. Translation often included from Italian to English and English to Italian. The documents were usually highly technical and commercial in nature. Translations were typically required on short notice and many were voluminous. The Language Service team always preformed for us at a high level with professionalism and a can-do-attitude even within short time frames. I highly recommend their service to potential clients.

Robert C. Spicer, Commercial Director for the Costa Concordia Wreck Removal Project

"A motivated and professional team that has supported us in many projects, especially in the Oil & Gas business. Language Service is and remains a valued and reliable partner”.
Gianfranco Mangiapane, Director of Operations, Igeam Group

"Excellent people and easy to work with! I appreciate their professional attitude, knowledge of the industry and technical skills. They are a solid yet flexible team that we can trust when it comes to achieving our goals".
Gilles Bronchard, Managing Director, GIB CONSULT Sprl, Bruxelles

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