translation of corporate documents

Language Service has extensive experience in the translation of corporate documents such as memorandum and articles of association, minutes of meetings, company regulations, company policies, budgets, certificates of compliance and more. We are fully aware of how important these documents are to your company. Whether you want to open branch offices or subsidiaries abroad or partner with foreign companies.

Companies facing these scenarios need to translate extensive documentation into the language of the country where they are going. Language Service can be a valuable ally that can complete the assignment quickly and with extreme care and professionalism. The client can continue to focus on the relevant administrative processes.

For decades now, we have been working actively with important companies who are constantly in search of new markets. Thanks to them, we have become true experts in the translation of these types of texts. We know that these are very sensitive texts, both in terms of the information as well as the complexity and industry-specific jargon contained therein.

We work with native-speaking translators specialized in translations of legal and financial texts that know how to handle these documents. We also use professional revisers who carefully compare the translations with the original texts. Making sure that the true message is properly communicated, we also then verify that the target text stays true to the original both from a conceptual as well as stylistic perspective.

A dedicated project manager keeps the client updated on the progress of the work. He/she stays in touch with the client during the process, until final delivery of the job.

Language Service also provides affidavits and legalization / apostillization, that may be necessary for official documents. Our project managers are at your disposal to provide you with all the information you need.

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